A digital tool that helps Vail customers find the perfect season pass

Note: This project was done as part of my work at Faction Media.

Client: Vail Resorts

Project: Online pass finder tool

Role: UX Lead

Industry: Ski Resorts (B2C)


Vail Resorts came to us with a project any Colorado resident would be excited about: helping create an online Pass Finder tool to help skiers and snowboarders find the right Epic pass for them. The need for the tool arose after Vail realized that one of the major roadblocks to purchasing season passes was user confusion about the overwhelming number of pass options and the differences between them.

We were tasked with developing this tool as a standalone web application that could easily be launched from within the existing Vail CMS. This would allow us to create a fully responsive web app utilizing one common code base — as well as reduce the cost to make future changes or updates.

Once the Pass Finder was done, we would also create a wide variety of online banner ads to drive audiences to the tool.

User Flow

After talking to target users, I compiled a list of considerations that skiers and snowboarders take into account when looking for a pass: resort location, terrain difficulty, family friendliness, and available activities. I then also compiled a list of pass characteristics: resorts included, number of days covered, and holiday and weekend restrictions. I then created a visual user flow to visualize the tool functionality.

Our team then tagged all possible pass options on the back end with the applicable user considerations and pass characteristics, which would allow us to serve up the perfect pass for each user’s selection.

Mobile-First Wireframes

I then created a set of both desktop and mobile wireframes for each step in the user flow. We made sure to focus on the mobile experience first, and then expand it to desktop.

The Final Product

Our designers then created the visual design, which was then developed and put into market. Using C# MVC5 allowed us to create a custom administrative section, which makes use of the ServiceStack framework to allow for the addition of new passes with complex rules, ensuring this tool can always stay up to date.

To drive users to the updated Pass Finder tool, we created more than 705 individual banner variations that were served to audiences nationwide. These banners incorporated variables such as messaging, pricing, pass type, location, and snow fall amounts.

The Pass Finder tool has been very successful in boosting pass sales by helping audiences easily choose from the wide range of options Vail has available every year.

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