Johns Manville Insulation Project Guide

Helping homeowners find the right insulation for their home improvement project

Note: This project was done as part of my work at Faction Media.

Client: Johns Manville (JM) & Lowe’s

Project: Insulation Project Guide

My Role: UX Lead

Industry: Building Materials (B2C)


Johns Manville (JM) came to Faction with a specific issue: the insulation aisle in big-box retail stores like Lowe’s can be a lonely and intimidating place. Homeowners are often hesitant to take on a DIY insulation project, simply because they don’t even know what products they need for their specific application.

To solve this issue, Faction worked with JM to create a web-based tool that took the seemingly difficult process of buying and installing residential insulation — and transformed it into a simple, step-by-step process. By just asking users a few quick questions, we were able to provide them with a list of recommended products, as well as personalized DIY instructions for their project.

This tool was not only geared for DIY homeowners, but also contractors and in-store sales associates who could use it as a support tool when speaking with prospective customers.

User Flow & Wireframes

I created unique, individual user flows for desktop and mobile users — with the assumption that the use cases would be significantly different on different devices. Users were most likely to use desktop devices at home, but since the tool would be heavily marketed in aisles at Lowe’s, it would be heavily used on mobile devices in stores. This created for slightly different needs and use patterns, which we also tested. I then sketched corresponding wireframes to account for these scenarios.

Tool Design

The JM Project Guide provides a seamless and easy path for consumers to research, purchase, and install insulation — as well as for sales associates to recommend the right insulation for any project. It gives each consumer a personalized experience based on their unique needs (location, size of home, type of construction) — and provides ways to achieve significant energy savings and a more comfortable home by purchasing Johns Manville insulation products.

Results & Dynamic PDF

After completing the questions in the Project Guide, each user gets to a results page that provides the recommend R-value for that person (the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow). This value is based on the Department of Energy’s regulations and recommendations for that user’s application and geographic location. The results also provide a list of recommended JM products to achieve that required R-value — as well as the amount of each product needed for the size of each user’s project.

If a user chooses to download the dynamic PDF, they also get a product checklist for their DIY insulation project — and instructions for the specific room they’re trying to insulate.

Promotional Video

In order to properly introduce the JM Project Guide to sales associates in-store and to contractors online, we developed a video that walks the viewer through the user experience and demonstrates its utility in everyday life. This video was leveraged in Lowe’s stores, on JM and Lowe’s web properties, and as part of an online video banner campaign.

The video and the tool received rave reviews — taking a complex buying process and making it a much simpler, step-by-step fun tool. The tool has also drastically increased the conversation rates on all of the landing pages it occupies.

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