Johns Manville Energy Performance Calculator

Engaging building professionals at an industry conference with an interactive tool

Note: This project was done as part of my work at Faction Media.

Client: Johns Manville

Project: Energy Performance Calculator

My Role: UX Lead

Industry: Building Materials (B2B)


Johns Manville came to us for help engaging builders with an eye-catching, interactive booth at the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas. They wanted something that would stand out on a crowded trade-show floor, be interesting and informative for visitors, and provide an opportunity to re-engage with builders after the show and generate leads. Together, we came up with the idea of an Energy Performance Calculator that could quickly show builders what products could be used to achieve specific energy performance levels.


After gathering all the requirements, I created a quick user flow — followed by detailed, interactive wireframes. Working together with the client and our developers, we also put together the back-end logic we’d need to display the correct results. The tool presented users with 3 simple questions: the size of the home they were building, the geographic location for the home, and their target housing code (09, 12, Energy Star, Zero Energy). Since we collected basic user information at the beginning of each session — we also needed to create a back-end database that would store this information, as well as each person’s selections.

Tool Output

We of course wanted to make the tool not just visually appealing, but also useful to its users. Based on each person’s inputs, we showed them recommended JM products for achieving their target energy performance levels. We also displayed the user’s HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Score, as well as how their score compared to typical existing homes, typical new homes, and Energy Star homes.

Using the Tool for Lead Gen

The interactive tool — which was put up on a large screen at JM’s trade-show booth — garnered a lot of audience interest and attention. It was commended by conference attendees, as well as JM Chairman, President and CEO Mary Rhinehart, for an amazing look and feel that fulfilled on the JM brand promise. The app worked seamlessly for users on tablets in the booth as well — and was the largest show-based lead generation effort in Johns Manville history (since all users were asked to fill out a quick form before starting).

Follow-up Emails with Dynamic Content

We didn’t want to make the Energy Performance Calculator a dead end for visitors who interacted with it at the conference, so we made sure that follow-up emails were sent to each user. These emails were dynamically populated with each person’s calculator results, including their estimated energy performance (HERS Index) — as well as the recommended JM products to achieve that score (with links to more product information, of course). Follow-up nurture streams were also created to continue communications after these emails.

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