Emerson Micro Motion ROI Calculator

Showing the long-term benefits of an investment in high-end equipment

Note: This project was done as part of my work at Faction Media.

Client: Emerson Micro Motion

Project: Coriolis ROI Calculator

My Role: UX Lead, Strategy

Industry: Industrial Equipment (B2B)


Emerson Micro Motion has been a trusted name in mass flow meter technology for many years, providing companies across the globe with the solutions to measure and control fluids in industrial applications. However, their main line of products — Coriolis flow meters — require a substantial investment, and prospective customers often have a hard time grasping the long-term benefits of that investment.

That’s when Emerson Micro Motion came to us, and we suggested creating an ROI calculator that would factor in the minimal maintenance and repair required by Coriolis meters — and thus the “payback period” within which a Coriolis meter would pay for itself by eliminating repair costs.

User Flow & Wireframes

Our first step was to create a user flow and associated wireframes. Working closely with the client, I narrowed down the elements that play a role in defining the maintenance costs of someone’s existing non-Coriolis meter: the type of meter, the times per year it needs to be repaired, the cost of parts for each repair, the cost of travel and labor, administrative costs, and the cost to prove a repaired meter.

Once a user entered these values, the tool would calculate the annual maintenance cost of someone’s existing meter, compare it to the cost of a comparable Coriolis meter, and calculate the “payback period” within which a new Coriolis meter would pay for itself.

Final Design

Once the wireframes were done, we worked closely with the client to finalize the back-end logic and calculations — and then our design and development teams brought the tool to life.

Emails & Placed Media

To drive traffic to the tool and generate additional sales leads, we developed a series of emails and banner ads encouraging viewers to discover the economic benefits of investing in a Coriolis meter.

Our additional tactics were extremely successful in driving interest in Coriolis meters, which in turn helped sales teams overcome cost objections.

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