A global website redesign for Dawn Foods

Note: This project was done as part of my work at Faction Media.

Client: Dawn Foods

Project: Website redesign of

Role: UX Lead (user testing, personas, information architecture, wireframes)

Industry: Food (B2B)


Dawn Foods is a family company that has been creating high-quality bakery ingredients and products for nearly 100 years. While their customers have always loved working with Dawn, online visitors encountered an outdated website that was disjointed, difficult to navigate, unresponsive on mobile devices, and not representative of the warmth and personality of the Dawn brand.

As part of a larger focus on digital marketing, Dawn Foods partnered with Faction to transform their website and create engaging online experiences reflective of the memorable sweet moments Dawn creates for its customers.

Our objective with the website redesign included a number of priorities: combine multiple websites into one global site (with individually-managed international versions), create a more intuitive user experience, ensure responsiveness across devices, enable consistent posting of fresh new content, encourage interaction, promote lead generation, and make the website look modern while maintaining a feeling of warmth and craftsmanship.

Requirements Gathering

As part of the discovery process, I led the competitive analysis and internal stakeholder interviews that helped define requirements for the new website. The competitive analysis helped us make sure the site stood out among the competition, as well as incorporated the latest trends and learned behaviors in the industry. And the interviews helped us make sure that everyone’s voice within Dawn Foods was heard. I also led usability testing and persona development (see below) to finish fleshing out the full requirements.

User Testing

One of our initial goals was to find out what users didn’t like about the old site (shown) and what they were struggling most with. We conducted remote user testing using the platform, leveraging their technology to recruit bakery owners from both the United States and United Kingdom. I led the setup of these tests, reviewed all videos, and compiled the testing results.

Among other issues, usability testing showed that the navigation was vague and confusing, imagery wasn’t very interesting, product descriptions were extremely lacking, and people didn’t even know how to go about purchasing a product.

Role-Based Persona Development

After extensive user testing, research, and interviews, I led the development of a set of website personas for the new Dawn Foods website to guide us in making user-centric decisions as we continued with this project. These personas included detailed behavioral considerations for our various audience segments. With the help of these personas, we defined user paths, page hierarchies, KPIs, and much more.

Site Map & Information Architecture

In order to create an intuitive, user-centric structure for the website, I conducted online card sorting exercises with Dawn’s target audiences using OptimalSort (shown). This testing was conducted in 5 different languages to account for cultural differences. Based on the findings, I created a recommended site map for the new Dawn Foods website.

Interactive Wireframes

I designed custom page templates (all fully responsive) to account for all the unique functionalities desired by Dawn Foods and their audiences. All these templates were created as interactive Hotgloo wireframes. Based on these wireframes, our visual design and development teams then created comps and built the website.

Final Design

The website has been a huge success among its U.S. audiences, and we are currently working on rolling out custom versions of the site for all its international locations.

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