Crafting a unique brand for a multi-billion dollar company formed by a recent merger

Note: This project was done as part of my work at Faction Media.

Client: CSRA

Project: New brand (purpose, archetype, manifesto, launch video)

Role: Branding & Content Lead

Industry: IT / Government (B2B)


Recently, the public service sector of CSC (Computer Science Corporation) decided to break off from the larger company and combine forces with SRA, an established U.S. Government mission and operational support specialist. With the announcement of the new organization on the horizon, Faction partnered with CSC and SRA to define the new CSRA brand and positively re-position it among other government-facing competitors.

Brand Archetype

To better determine how to position the new brand, I first led a comprehensive competitive analysis. Our team then went to DC to have in-person conversations with stakeholders within CSC and SRA — as well as conduct a brand archetype exercise in order to help us distill the essence of the brand down to a single, focused, authentic purpose. (This exercise was done with a set of 35 brand archetype cards I recently created for Faction.)

Together, we determined that CSRA is best embodied by “The Citizen” — an archetype driven by a deeply instilled sense of personal integrity and responsibility to the community — whose main purpose is to contribute positively to society. This archetype then became the foundation for our next steps: writing a brand manifesto, designing a logo, and creating the introductory brand video.

Brand Purpose

With the archetype identified, I tackled defining the “why” of the organization — a singular statement for the company that instills a sense of pride and purpose. “Why do we exist as a company?” It’s a simple question, and it’s absolutely critical to a company’s success, because customers buy more than just expertise or services. They buy a commitment to their goals and beliefs. The “why” that was our recommended guiding principle for CSRA and the single thought behind the entire rebranding effort was, “We exist to build a better nation.”

Brand Manifesto

From there, I spearheaded the creation of the manifesto, which would serve as an internal rallying cry and outward expression of what the new brand stands for. It expresses CSRA’s passion for thinking big, encouraging innovation, acting with integrity and courage, and working together to build a better nation.

Introducing the Brand

One of the main public-facing assets we produced to introduce the brand was the new brand video (which I wrote the script for). We hope that it will continue to inspire CSRA employees and the customers they work with for years to come.

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