The Most Successful Demand Generation in CSC History

A content strategy incorporating automated lead scoring, an online content hub, and placed media

Note: This project was done as part of my work at Faction Media.

Client: CSC

Project: Demand Gen Campaign

My Role: Content Strategist, UX Specialist, Copywriter

Industry: Technology (B2B)


CSC (Computer Science Corporation) — a global Fortune 500 enterprise — came to us for help with a large-scale lead generation effort. Our goal at Faction Media was to create an integrated, brand-level campaign to tell a story that could drive lead generation for at least 6 months, as well as create awareness around CSC’s 5 “Big Conversations” — Cloud, Apps, Cybersecurity, Big Data, and Mobile.

“Let It In”

Part of my role on this project was to help craft the creative concept for this campaign. We decided to shape this concept around the shift in mindset sweeping across IT in the last few years. Cloud transformation, personal mobile devices flooding the enterprise, and the app- and consumer-driven approach to IT are forcing the enterprise to look outside the organization for innovation and adopt an outside-in mindset. Essentially, enterprises need to Let It In.


I helped develop the strategy for an “engagement engine” that tied all aspects of the campaign to a microsite that served as a hub for content. Here, customers indicated their product interests and location in the purchasing cycle based on the content they consumed, while further enriching CSC’s database through progressive profiling. All tactics (emails, banners, retargeting, social) drove here, enabling us to automate much of the downstream nurturing and lead scoring.

Content Hub Wireframes

In order to support our strategy, I created the responsive wireframes for the microsite that would act as our content hub. These wireframes included topic pages, landing pages, download forms, and dynamic areas.

Emails & Placed Media

To drive traffic to the content hub (campaign microsite), we wrote and developed more than 100 emails to be sent through Eloqua. These included general emails, product-specific emails, and emails promoting specific assets on the microsite. As people interacted with the microsite and the assets on it, they received increasingly targeted emails specific to their interest area. We also incorporated progressive profiling on the website in order to be able to further personalize our communications. Our ability to do this drastically increased engagement and open rates as the campaign went on.

In addition to emails, we developed more than 50 online banner ads to drive new users to the microsite, as well as to retarget previous visitors. We were also able to incorporate dynamic personalization based on the target companies’ IP addresses in order to increase engagement.


This has been the most successful campaign CSC has ever run.

Our general emails saw open rates of 12% and click-throughs of 5%, while our subsequent solution-area-focused emails saw open rates of 78% and click-throughs of 36%.

CSC has closed $190,000,000 in deals and has $900,000,000 more in the pipeline from this campaign — all for an approximately $900,000 campaign investment. That’s a 212/1 ROI.

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