Comcast Spotlight Career Explorer Portal

Helping employees discover their potential and match it with the perfect opportunities within Comcast

Note: This project was done as part of my work at Faction Media.

Client: Comcast Spotlight

Project: Career Explorer Tool

My Role: UX Lead, Strategy

Industry: Entertainment (Internal/B2C)


Comcast Spotlight encourages its employees to explore various functions and opportunities within their business — even making cross-department moves if necessary. The North Central Division of Comcast Spotlight came to Faction for help creating a tool that would enable its employees to pinpoint what they may want to do next in their career at Comcast, and how to best go about making a switch.

We at Faction designed and built a web-based tool that empowers current Comcast Spotlight employees to match their skill sets and ambitions to roles within the organization, as well as chart a course from their current role to a future one. My role on this project was to shape the strategy for how we would accomplish this, as well as create wireframes for the interface.

The Structure

The Career Explorer Tool was divided into 3 main sections: Assess current skills, Explore career options within Comcast Spotlight, and Plan a course of action to reach career goals. Each section can be used independently, but if employees started at the beginning, the tool would become increasingly personalized.

1. Assess

The Assess section allows employees to assess their own skill sets, strengths, ambitions, and personality — through a series of surveys and questions. The tool then lists the attributes an employee scores high in, illustrates how these align with current positions at Comcast Spotlight, and identifies departments or roles that might be “best suited” for each individual.

2. Explore

The Explore section allows employees to look through all of the different departments and roles within Comcast Spotlight, get all the details on any specific role, and save the roles they’re most interested in. This section becomes personalized if a user has completed the Assess section.

3. Plan

The Plan section enables employees to set step-by-step mini goals towards achieving their long-term careers goals, provides suggestions for what those might be, and keeps track of progress on those goals. It also includes various resources that can help along the way, including links to relevant training options. If the user has completed the previous sections, this section also becomes much more personalized.

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