ADA Buyer Personas & Product Explorer Tool

Creating an engaging, interactive way for prospective customers to explore solutions and benefits

Note: This project was done as part of my work at Faction Media.

Client: ADA (Advance Emissions Solutions)

Project: Buyer Personas & Product Explorer

My Role: UX Lead, Content Lead

Industry: Energy (B2B)


ADA (Advanced Emissions Solutions) is a leader in clean coal technology and associated specialty chemicals, serving the coal-fueled power plant industry. However, most people in the industry only know ADA for a specific few products — not for the entire breadth of their portfolio. That’s why ADA came to us: help creating an interactive product tool that would help expose their audiences to all the of the options they have available, as well as educate them on the benefits of each product.

Buyer Personas

Before we started on the tool itself, we needed to get familiar with the ADA customer base. We conducted extensive interviews with internal sales teams to get their insights into their customer base — as well as customers from around the country. Based on these conversations, we created 3 main buyer personas, all of which were based on a specific behavior type: 1) the risk-averse plant manager close to retirement, for whom the fear of change is a significant barrier, 2) the economic opportunist — who could be at the plant or company level — who cares about plant performance and ROI, and 3) the education seeker, who may not have any influence on buying decisions right now, but who is looking to get better at his job, and may eventually have more influence.

Tool Design

After getting familiar with our target audiences and their needs, I sketched out some quick wireframes for the tool. However, we didn’t want to just make it a “clickable product brochure” — but something that could be personalized. That’s when we decided to create 2 short introductory questions: what type of coal someone was currently using, and what type of equipment they already had. Based on the user’s answers, we would “disable” certain product options that were then less applicable to that user’s application. This not only created a sense of personalization, but also a quicker path to the right product for each person.

Product Explorer

The tool itself is a scrollable “landscape” of an energy plant, with featured, clickable pinpoints at locations where ADA products can be used. We made sure to lead each pinpoint with a benefit statement, rather than the name of a product audiences wouldn’t necessarily be familiar with (e.g., “CUT O&M COSTS with M-Prove Technology”). Each pinpoint could be clicked to get more information on that specific product (see below).

Product Details

Each pinpoint on our tool provided in-depth information on the solutions and products ADA has available, along with options to download a brochure or white paper, review data and proof points, and contact an ADA representative with any questions.

Overall, the tool created a much more fun, exploratory experience for discovering the different products and solutions that ADA has available — rather than a typic brochure website.

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